Powerful Tunes

Before I get into the details of each individual song (if I even do that, that is), let me just warn you that there is an obvious pattern here. I love songs that make me feel “inspired,” or whatever you might call it. I can’t quite put it into words, but I’m sure you know the feeling… You hear a song and feel like you can do anything (or at least whatever it is you need inspiration to overcome in that moment).

These are just three of the songs that do this for me. I love every song by all three of these artists, and there are a ton of songs in my music library that I would have put on this list, but these three are the ones I turn to most frequently.

Ah, okay. Before I continue, I should tell you that part of the writing challenge today is to free write, so expect disjointed thoughts and terrible sentence structure (as in the first challenge).

Strong as an Oak – Watsky
Here’s a link if you feel like checking it out.

This is the song I listen to before big presentations, tests and exams. I, like most university students, suffer from incredibly powerful test anxiety and need to relax before writing one or I can’t think straight. Since I walk to school, I’ll leave early on exam days and play this album (it’s called “Cardboard Castles”) on repeat until I make it to class.

It’s sounds cheesy as frick, but this song makes me feel… powerful, I guess you could say. It reminds me that even if things are bad at the moment, they can be overcome. Even if I fail whatever it is I’m about to do, I’ll have family and friends who’ll still love me and, realistically, my life won’t really be changed at all.

Kunnia – Korpiklaani
Here’s a link to this one.

I’m going to start off by saying that no, I don’t know what the words mean. I think the album came with an English version of every song, but even so I only ever remember the chorus of this song. Korpiklaani is a Finnish folk metal band that my friend introduced me to a couple years ago. Since then I’ve seen them live three times. The crowd at their shows is always made up of super tough-looking metalheads, but they’re the nicest people. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and of all the audiences I’ve been in, these ones are usually the most polite and brotherly (if that makes sense).

But yeah, if you listen to the song you can probably see how I might consider it inspirational and/or power-evoking. It’s got a great beat, and the tone of it makes me want to get up and do things! Woo!

Bricks and Mortar – Cancer Bats
And last but not least, a link.

Alright, I listed this one last, but it’s probably actually my favourite song. Cancer Bats are a Canadian (from my city!) punk/metal band. I never would have heard of them if I hadn’t gone to this one music festival, the name of which has since slipped my mind (woops).

Anyway, my friends and I were at this festival. We intended to stay for one day, then drive home during the night. Being the spontaneous people (i.e. bad planners) that we were, we ended up deciding to see one of the last shows of the night, which meant we’d have to stay in a hotel overnight. I didn’t particularly want to wear the same sweaty clothes that I had on during the day (don’t judge me, it was hot), so I went to the nearest merch booth (read: cheapest merch booth) and tried to buy a t-shirt (they were $5!). I say tried because I was so nervous and so awkward that I could barely speak to the guy behind the table. He was a grungy punk with an un-spiked mohawk and he intimidated the hell out of me.

To my surprise, however, he was incredibly nice and – dare I say – gentle. He figured out that I wanted a shirt, gave me the right size and sent me off with a “have a good day.”

It wasn’t until much later that I learned he was the lead singer of the band. That pretty much convinced me to buy their album. He had honestly been such a sweet dude. That’s not to say I don’t love their music. I absolutely do! If you like punky metal, I highly suggest you listen to them. Also, if you’re ever kicking around Toronto, stop by Sneeky Dee’s; they have a french fry platter that’s named after one of Cancer Bat’s albums (that would be Hail Destroyer, for those who are curious).

FYI, the fries are as good as the music.