Happy Place

It’s an early spring morning. The sun already sits high in the sky, warming your back as you lay face-down on the thick blanket you spread out on the grass. A slight breeze rustles the leaves around you. Their whispers sound like rain.

Heat and cool come in waves. When the breeze subsides, the sun warms the exposed skin on your arms. Slowly, the cool air creeps back, whisking away just enough heat to keep you comfortable. It’s just warm enough to wear a t-shirt without shivering.

You close your eyes for a moment, lowering your head onto crossed arms. You can hear sparrows and starlings sing. With your face so close to the ground, you can smell the sweet scent of new grass. You rest.

Once again, you lift your head. Everything around you is fresh. The mottled mix of rich green leaves stands strong against the bright blue sky. After a long and arduous winter, you appreciate this beauty even more.